Jade Ivy (they/she/he) is a disabled single parent, writer, designer, crafter, and artist. When they aren’t working on a site or playing video games with their tiny tween, they’re crafting for their shop, Drops From Venus.

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Growing up online taught me how to overshare but never taught me how to stop. Admittedly, I’ve slowed in the years with as much and how often (thank you Twitter). I’ve always desired to build community. I’ve desired to achieve vulnerability with the hope and desire of allowing others the space and room to conquer their fears and grow. Thanks to the internet, I’ve discovered myself through a variety of online spaces. My coming-of-age was trapped between syntax and lines of code on dilapidated websites. Fortunately, I continued to grow in and out of the internet. Fortunately, I’m still becoming all that I want to be. Join the growth.

Also, there are very fun personal essays about the every going existential crisis of culture, online spaces falling like Rome, deep insight into various literature that makes me think too much, and whatever else I can pour out to create a mental silence for a while.

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musings about the canonical life of a writer coming of age and media reviews.


freelance designer. author in denial. artist in turmoil.